The Warrior Performance Team

In 2007 Shannon Green founded Warrior Performance with one core mission in mind; to build a temple dedicated to helping people achieve their strength, fitness, health and lifestyle goals.

Some years later, he joined forces with Lauren, now his wife. Together they have built Warrior Performance into a community of people focused on supporting each other to do their best and achieve the goals they set.  

As part of the Warrior Performance community you will always find: 

  • The right equipment and the best training environment for you
  • People who are supportive and help each other to reach their goals 
  • Inspiration, drive, work ethic, motivation and acceptance

Open hours

We ask you to please book an appointment first as Warrior Performance team is generally coaching clients may not be able to speak to you, so its best to have a chat booked in so we can answer your questions.

We are open are generally open between 7am – 8pm, Monday thru Friday, and 7am – 12pm on Saturdays

Book In A Chat

An atmosphere that is very easy to push yourself in. Hard work and hustle is the minimum standard. It would be really hard to frequent this gym and not get any stronger. A paradise for the strength athlete.

Hugo Ortega

Great venue. First class set up, atmosphere and staff. If you want RESULTS this is your place!

Scott Hill

Highly recommend Warrior Performance!! Seriously one of the best places I’ve ever trained at and some of the best people I’ve ever trained with. And the trainers are pretty hot too

Melissa Dooley

Unparalleled. I’ve trained with trainers all over the world and have never met a trainer with as much knowledge as Shannon Green. Shannon’s deep understanding of body mechanics, the musculoskeletal system and the range of issues plaguing the human body is only part of what makes him a world class trainer.

Barani Guttsman

Can’t believe how much I’ve learned in only a month, despite lifting for 20+ years. Shannon rocks – and his commitment to excellence is cool to be around.

Ray Kloss