Equipment List

3x Monolifts, Competition Platform, 3 x Competition Bench Press, 3 x Coligate Power Racks, 4 x Deadlift Platforms, Incline Bench Press, 3 x Adjustable Benches, Dumbells -2.5kg to 75kg, Pairs of Kettlebells – 4kg to 64kg, 3000kg of Ivanko & Challenge Calibrated Power Lifting Plates, 500kg Iron Edge Bumper Plates.


Hammer Strength – Iso Row/Iso Pulldown/Iso Low Row/Iso Front Military Press, Cybex Row/Rear Delt Heavy Duty Lat Pull Down – 10kg to 150kg, Seated Row Machine, Paramount Pec Dec/Rear Delt Machine, Calve Rasies – Seated  & Standing, Custom 45* Back Extension, Nautilus Leg Curls – Laying & Standing, Nautilus Leg Extension, Custom Reverse Hyper, Watson Glute Ham Raise, Custom Hack Squat Machine, Cybex Leg Press.

Barbells & Specialty Bars

2x Sportkraft Squat Bars, 1x Texas Squat Bar, 2x Texas Power Bar, 3 x Texas Deadlift Bars, 1 x Ivanko IPF Bars, Titex IPF Bar, 1 x Pendalay Male Weightlifting Bar, 1 x Female Weightlifting Bar, 8 x Standard Power bars, 2 x Saftey Squat Bars, Cambered Squat Bar, Buffalo Bar, Spider Bar, Football/Swiss Bar, Trap Deadlift Bar, 2 x Ez-Curl Bars, 2″ Solid Axle Bar, 2 x Sets of Competition Collars, Weight Releasers, Chains, Bands & Slingshots.

Strongman & Cardio Equipment

Atlas Stones 50kg – 155kg, IronMind Appolins Axle, 8″, 10″, 12″ Logs, 2 x Loadable Monster/Circus Dumbells, Farmers Walk Handles, Yoke, Loadable Tombstone, Prowler, 2 x Dragging Sleds, IronMind Truck Pulling Harness, Sled Attachments – Ankle, Waist, Handles, Ropes, Spin Bike.

Warm Up Area

Rollers, PVC & Steel Tube, Lacrose Balls & Varios Mobility Tools, Rower, Spin bike, Airdyne Bike.