Episode 5 - Vegan Protein, RPG's & Psilocybin with Mike Israteal, Melissa Davis & James Hoffman

This episodes guests we have the crew from Renaissance Periodization, Dr. Mike Israteal, Dr. Melissa Davis & Dr. James Hoffman and we discuss:

Mike and Mels take on the Aussie accent, Mike and his Thailand fungus, Vegan protein sources, Bulldog farts, Importance of protein intake for performance, Making poor food choices at weigh in, Racial violence and Aussie burger bars, Shooting live cattle with RPG’s, More shit talking Psilocybin, Weight cutting and instagram, Are you recreational lifter or a powerlifter, Brazilian Jujitsu, James on the importance of sleep for performance, The effects of alcohol on sleep and performance, Hard Gainers genetics or work ethic?, Love what you do, Deficit deadlifts and shake weights, The Zyzzz, More Bulldog farts, Heat shock proteins and finnish bogans, Shit beer, Mikes poor life choices and the new RP book release, Enjoy.

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