I dont understand people needing pre works, this doesn’t make sense to me, if your the type of person that needs some shit to get you through a workout, then your probably not going to achieve much in the gym at all… The only motivation you should need is that every time you get through a session good, bad or indifferent, you will be one step closer to your goal.

Not every session is going to be amazing, a lot will suck, a lot will hurt, some will be awesome and at some points in your training you will bleed from your asshole, but its only training just a step on the staircase.

If you need pre-workouts to get through most of your workouts then maybe you should consider looking at your programming as your vol/intensity is obviously more than you can currently tolerate.
if you need more simple caffeine tablet or couple of shots of coffee to get you though some anus splitting volume, you should look between your legs and see how much sand is caught in your vagina dust that bitch out.

Save your money and buy more food because pre workout don’t improve recovery, food and sleep does and thats what will take you the furthest.