Meet three Powerlifters. We have different goals, different bodies but we share the same passion.

There is a huge misconception about Powerlifting! You don’t need to be a meathead to have the desire to be strong and lift maximal weights.

Sure there are a lot of lifters who like to grunt, scream and feel the fury before they take a big lift but no matter how scary most of those people may seem when they’re in the zone, the majority are the nicest most humble people you can meet.

You need to be humble when you take on the iron, because the iron never backs down. There is no “cheating” that barbell, it takes commitment, persistence and dedication to move that piece of metal.

Warrior Performance is full of passionate people who inspire each other to push ourselves to be better. Everyone is welcome, no matter the age, weight or amount you lift.

Technique is everything in this gym, if you’re not committed to working technique, you’re not committed to your own body.

If you don’t look after your own body, where you gonna live?