The first day Lauren walked through the door I looked at her and thought to myself what the f#$! is she doing CrossFit for she is built for Powerlifting!… I never pushed her towards powerlifting, she wanted to have a crack at a competition. After her first one she was hooked but, I don’t think she even new what her potential was. She did her first powerlifting competition with 3 weeks prep in May 2016.

Capo NSW State Titles

105kg Squat/65kg Bench/132.5kg Deadlift/302.5kg Total @59.4kg bodyweight

This qualified her for Capo Nationals Aug 2016

122.5kg Squat/72.5kg Bench/140kg Deadlift/335kg Total @59.3kg bodyweight

GPC Push Pull December 2016

80kg Bench/150kg Deadlift @59.6kg bodyweight

GPC Summer Classic January 2017 – her performance at this comp solidified her invite to compete @Pro Raw 9 at the Arnold Classic Australia

140kg Squat/82.5kg Bench/165kg Deadlift/387.5kg Total @59.6kg bodyweight

Pro Raw 9 March 17

160kg Squat/90kg Bench/177.5kg Deadlift/427.5kg Total @59.5kg bodyweight

It came down to the last deadlift wining an epic battle against Jessica Day from Western Australia for a 3rd place finish and a spot on the podium. This placed her 14th in the World Rankings for 2017 in women under 60kg (with wraps) across all federations, not bad for a 11 months in powerlifting.

So how did she do it? She is not superiorly genetically gifted, she does have good levers for squat bench & deadlift. But what she is blessed with is an excellent work ethic, high pain threshold, and the ability to follow through if she sets a goal she wants to achieve. In the 11months of training she – never missed a meal, she never under-hydrated, she trained 4 days per week – never missed a training session even on holidays and over Xmas and New Year, got between 7-9hrs sleep every single night, she filmed every training set, watched it and fixed her form every session.

I see many men and women come through the gym with the same potential, but they never achieve the same results because they lack the ability to prioritise food, hydration, sleep & training together.

Doing the little things consistently and letting each day build onto the next over a long period of time is what yields greatness, it’s not fancy or sexy it’s quite boring actually but thats reality…don’t give up!

Set a goal and stick with it till you get it regardless of how long it takes._MG_3352 copy