Episode 4 - Strength Over Cancer & Learning from your Coach with Maria Barba & Steve Brown

Maria Barba & Steve Brown, have both been in the fitness industry for around 40years and both run an extremely successful personal training businesses Maria volunteers for a non-profit organisation “Strength Over Cancer” which is strength training for chemotherapy patients.

Maria has a 520kg total @53years of age and Steve has snatched 142.5kg clean & jerked 177.5kg in weightlifting and Totalled 870kg Equipped in powerlifting and competed at a high level in bodybuilding.

In this episode we discuss; Strength over cancer, going from 54kg runner to competitive bodybuilder, Learning from your coach and reviewing what you’ve learnt, technique, build conditioning and think long term, learning from conversations with old school lifters, bodybuilding accessories.

Any trainers that would like to jump on board with strength over cancer please visit