Membership Options

Yearly Membership

$1950per week
  • Access to the gym 365 days per year. Yearly membership has a 12 month term contract for the discounted weekly membership fee. Billed on a monthly basis.

Standard Membership

$2250per week
  • Access to the gym 365 days per year. Standard membership has no contract, we only ask that you give us 4 weeks notice to cancel. Billed on a monthly basis.

Programming Add-On

$2250per week
  • Programming can be added on to any membership. Add-ons have no contract, we ask for 4weeks notice to cancel this option. Billed on a monthly basis.

Casual Gym Visit

$10per visit
  • Casual access to sydneys best strength gym. Casuals visits must be booked in as the gym is swipe card access and there is not always staff available – Email us

Recovery Room

$10per hour
  • Access to our Recovery Room containing – An Infrared Sauna, Spa with 200kg of magnesium & Cold Pulnge Pool. Bookings are per person per hour.


1 on 1 Coaching

$150per ses
  • Private 1 on 1 technical coaching session with head coach Shannon Green, working on correcting form on the major lifts, including exercises to fix any imbalances that may be hindering progress.

Personal Training

$75per session
  • Semi-private coaching session with one of our experienced coaches. Monthly packages start from $75** per session, packages include – customised programme, nutrition and 1hr of coaching.

Manual Therapy

$60per treatment
  • In our manual therapy treatments we use various techniques such as – Trigger point, ART, Fascial manipulation & Sports deep tissue massage to improve joint range of motion and function.

Nutrition Consulting

$150per ses
  • Nutrition consulting can either be via Skype or in person with Dr.Luke Delvicchio or one of our other experienced coaches. 14day food diary or metabolism test is required before consult.

Metabolism Testing

$120base test
  • Metabolism testing is run by sports scientist Dr.Luke Delvicchio, this is a clinical test that has been used in nutritional research to determine individual metabolic rate via respiration, booking essential.

Online Training

Basic Package

$25per week
  • Basic Package is a custom designed program for your individual goals for 10-16weeks in duration, there is no ongoing support associated with this package.

Silver Package

$35per week
  • Silver package is a custom designed program according to your individual goals, with monthly video analysis for technique corrections and program adjustments.

Gold Package

$45per week
  • Gold package includes custom designed program for your individual goals, weekly video analysis with technique corrections and program adjustments.

Platinum Package

$60per week
  • Platinum package is a customised training and nutrition plan based on your individual goals with weekly diet, program and video technique adjustments.

Nutrition Package

$30per week
  • Customised nutrition plan based around your individual goals, includes weekly diet check ins and updates, this can be stand alone or added to other packages.